About Smart Manufacturing Taiwan


Smart Manufacturing Taiwan, a significant event in the first half of the year in Taiwan, serves as a platform that connects the domestic ICT industry, smart manufacturing, production manufacturing, and system integration supply chain. Industry players jointly showcase their technological achievements and solutions, collaborating with cross-industry partners to build an ideal place of collaboration. The exhibition will feature a diverse range of innovative technologies, applications, solutions, and interactive experiences, creating a platform for exchange and matchmaking to drive the digital transformation and upgrade of Taiwan's industries.


Concurrently, Touch Taiwan and Electronic Equipment will be held, creating the largest electronic technology industry exhibition in Taiwan. This exhibition will bring together exhibitors from countries such as China, Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and others. By integrating the energy of related industries through the exhibition, the goal is to collaboratively build a comprehensive supply chain.



Who Should Attend Smart Manufacturing Taiwan


AI and IoT


  1. AI
  2. IoT
  3. Sensor Device
  4. Materials and Components
  5. RFID Equipment System
  6. Fire Fighting System
  7. Smart Home
  8. Power Supplies and Transformers


Digital Transformation and System Integration


  1. Automation
  2. Digital Integration
  3. Digital Applications
  4. Process Simulation
  5. Technology Solutions


Smart Factory and Enterprise War Room


  1. Smart Manufacturing
  2. Smart Factory
  3. AOI
  4. Smart Products
  5. Industrial Computer Motor
  6. Reduction and Transmission
  7. Ball Screw
  8. Linear Slide




  1. Automatic Warehousing
  2. Logistics Automation
  3. Robot Arm
  4. AGV, AMR


Zero Trust


  1. Zero Trust
  2. Multi-Layered Defense
  3. Cloud Security
  4. Information Security Industrial Control
  5. Remote Application


E-Enterprise Apply


  1. Generative AI (GAI)
  2. Large Language Model (LLM)
  3. Applications of ChatGPT
  4. AI-Robot



Visitor Profile


  1. Semiconductor/Optoelectronics Industry
  2. System Integrator
  3. Automation/Precision Machinery
  4. Medical Equipment Manufacturer
  5. Automotive Electronics Dealer
  6. Packaging and Testing Manufacturers
  7. Factory Builder
  8. Machinery Equipment Dealer
  9. Equipment Vendor/Component Vendor
  10. Information Brand
  11. Electronic Equipment Dealer
  12. Industrial Machinery Dealer



Exhibition Information


Show Dates


Dates : April 16 (Wed.) - April 18 (Fri.), 2025

Times : 10:00AM - 5:00PM

* Visitors under 18 years old are not admitted.




Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center,Hall1,4F
Address : No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan Map




Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA)

Taiwan Panel & Solution Association (TPSA)

Taiwan Display Materials & Devices Association (TDMDA)

Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association (TEEIA)

Society for Information Display (SID)

Chan Chao Int'l Co., Ltd.



Exhibition Fee


Type of Booth Price Early-Bird Price Member Price
Raw Space (9m2) US$2,880 US$2,520 US$2,160
Standard Booth (9m2) US$3,240 US$2,880 US$2,520
Pavilion Booth (9m2) US$3,600 US$3,240 US$2,880


  1. Early Bird Price is available before 30/11/2024.
  2. Prices above are tax-included.
  3. Members of TDUA, TPSA, TDMDA, TEEIA and SID can have the member price.
  4. Standard Booth contains: 3 ×Partitions, 3×Spot lights, 1×110V socket, 1×Carpet (9 sqms),1 × Fascia, 1× Information Desk and chair.
  5. Exhibitors could choose to tent raw space (choose the contractor by self) or standard booth with basic furniture (official contractor)
  6. Power Electricity, 24hrs electricity, water supply of water pipe, air compressor and forklift will be charged additionally.


Download 2025 Application   2023 Show Report




Visitor Admission


To visit, please register/login through the "Exhibition Membership System.






  1. The “Admission QR Code” is only valid for the issued user.
  2. After registration, you may login to [ Member Center ] → [ Admission ] → [ Pre-registration ] page to confirm your status.
  3. Pets are prohibited, except for guide dogs.
  4. All visitors must be in appropriate attire. Those wearing slippers will not be allowed entry.
  5. If visitors have any concerns regarding personal data collected through the membership application, tickets will be sold onsite. Please proceed to the VIP check-in counter for assistance.
  6. Please comply with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' regulations for the exhibition before applying for the visiting application. The competent authorities reserve the right to modify, insert, and/or withdraw any part of the rules specified herein.



Marketing Strategy




Booth Allocation and Registration



  1. During closing of application or when all booths are filled, the preparation office of the organizer will divide the areas uniformly based on product category. During the exhibitors meeting, exhibitors will select the location of their booth based on its product area. (Booth selection shall not be across the aisle).
  2. Booth Allocation Order as follows:
    (1) Number of booths.
    (2) The winner of the e-Touch award.
    (3) The total number of booths within 3 years. (2024+2023+2022)
    (4) Application date.
    (5) If the priority can not be decided among all cases above, it will be based on the result of draw lots onsite.
  3. The organizer has the right to select booth location for exhibitors who is absent during exhibitors meeting.
  4. The organizer has the right to change the layout of the exhibition area, depends on exhibit situation and demand.
  5. To keep the safety of the floor construction, the organizer has the right to assign the location of the displayed product.
  6. Several exhibitors cannot join together to register and select booth.



Withdrawal from the Exhibition


  1. Once the booth fee for the exhibition is paid, it will not be refunded and will be used for payment of promotional expense for this exhibition.
  2. Booth rented by the participating company cannot be transferred in private or utilized by company with name other than the company name during application (including name of sponsoring company). If there is violation, the organizer will immediately take back the transferred booth and will prohibit the company who did not apply to exhibit to continue to exhibit. The transferor will be prohibited to participate in any trade promotion activity conducted in the country by the organizer within two years.
  3. Displayed products must be related to the theme of this exhibition, or it will be prohibited.



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